The Swing Set

‘The Swing Set’ , a 19 piece big band comprised entirely of musicians in their 20s, brings a fresh, young approach to the genre.An initiative of saxophonist Nicholas Campbell and jazz vocalist Julian Kuo, the ‘Swing Set’ transports us back to the days of the Rat Pack, but this is an all-Australian Rat Pack, evoking the glamour of days gone by with the eclectic sophistication of the current era an entirely 21st Century aesthetic.

Kuo and Campbell met when both were studying at the Australian Institute of Music and their friendship has led to various creative collaborations and now the two celebrate their mutual passion for the music and style of the big band era with ‘The Swing Set’, featuring many of their friends including the incomparable talents of guitarist Tim Lockwood, drummer Dom Cabrera, bassist Callum Eggins and singer Holly Summers-Clarke.

Campbell’s innovative arrangements bring a contemporary edge to traditional formats and material. His work has been described by teachers and mentors as ‘intelligent and intensely creative’. Tim Lockwood will also be contributing to the arranging bringing a new harmonic touch to the classics. Jaslyn Hall, writer for Limelight Magazine describes Julian Kuo’s performance saying, ‘Julian’s enchanting voice floats and conjures images of a young, romantic Frank Sinatra’ – a fitting image indeed.

The Swing Set play their first show December 1st at 4pm as pat of the Coogee Family Fun Day, Coogee Beach.

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