In April and May this year, Julian will feature in ATYP’s first musical in a decade, SPRING AWAKENING, under the direction of Helpmann Award winner, Mitchell Butel.

There are some stories that remain current generation after generation. When the stage play of Spring Awakening was first produced in Germany in 1891 the references to masturbation, abortion, rape and suicide saw it banned. Fast forward 116 years and the musical adaptation scandalised audiences on Broadway. Yes, the behaviour of teenagers has been shocking people for hundreds of years.

An electrifying fusion of rebellion, sexual awakening and rock and roll.

ATYP and Spring Awakening share a long and intimate past. Many of our best-known alumni have appeared in productions in years gone by. In 2016 we welcome back one of Australia’s most loved musical theatre performers and ATYP alumnus, Mitchell Butel, to direct this stunning rock ‘n’ roll musical, guaranteed to connect generations of ATYP members like never before.

Let’s see whether audiences in 2016 are still appalled by the revelation that teenagers spend an awful lot of time thinking about sex!

For more information and bookings, visit http://www.atyp.com.au


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